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Fri Apr 18

Apr 18 Restaurant owner on minimum wage (Lex County)

Apr 18 RE Pay Attention People / Minimum Wage (columbia sc)

Apr 18 Pay attention people.

Thu Apr 17

Apr 17 48% of black women are infected with Herpes (Eat up wit it) pic

Apr 17 She was almost 2 when we shot and killed her (Guess the race in HARTSVILLE SC ) pic

Apr 17 Klan membership in Palmetto State 'small and scattered' (Former Grand Dragon facing life or death) pic

Tue Apr 15

Apr 15 It's become too much to bear! (Yeah right) pic

Apr 15 Coon gets 18 years for molestation an shit (Breaking em in young) pic

Apr 15 Blacks have the highest suicide rates of all races (Little White Lie) pic

Apr 15 Those petty crimes by White Folks (Sweep it under the rug) pic

Apr 15 Man accused of groping teen at hotel (Coon can't keep his hand to himself) pic

Apr 15 Kilt for a 20 dollar bag of weed (Guess the race in Jackson SC) pic

Apr 15 Three charged with armed robbery (Colored boys in West Columbia) pic

Apr 14 Haters gonna hate...

Mon Apr 14

Apr 14 MoJo found dead, cause of death ruptured colon. pic

Apr 14 Where'd they go? Region loses people (Dont know where but I know why) pic

Sun Apr 13

Apr 13 Thank You, R and R.

53 Apr 13 apes rapes attack 53 (west coonlumbia)

53 Apr 13 somehow we have to figure out 53 (columbia ) pic

Apr 13 I spent 15yrs in prison an shit (I know some shit) pic

Sat Apr 12

Apr 12 A true rave, (self-rave) from OP of Samsung rant!

Apr 12 I wonder what "MoJo" is supposed to abbreviate?

Apr 12 An actual rant! (Cola)

Apr 12 Mojo proves he's a Punk! (Columbia ) pic

33 Apr 12 This is the worst R&R in any city I've ever lived in! 33

Apr 12 Re: mojo get a life. pic

Apr 12 Samsung

Apr 12 RE samsung RE

Apr 12 Re:re: Samsung

Apr 12 hard on a playa out here (cola)

Apr 12 Re samsung

Apr 11 Lost (columbia sc)

Fri Apr 11

Apr 11 Logan Harris (west columbia) pic

53 Apr 11 o8ama v0t3r jumps of gervaius bridge 53 (coonlumbia sc) pic

Apr 11 God damn you, Samsung!

Apr 11 Derriere Day (Columbia) pic

Apr 11 In late 2007, Kenley found him in the hay after assaulting her horse (Ran Out of Recent Commentary)

Apr 11 Negro rapes horse.....hahahahahah (Coonway SC) pic

Apr 11 Mama why are negros eat up with AIDS? (God is killing them black devils) pic

Apr 11 My 85yr old Mama.....I fucked her (yep its niggers) pic

99 Apr 11 stop reposting old post 99 (south carolina)

Apr 11 Corrections officer slips it to a 10yr old (Guess the race in Columbia SC) pic

Apr 11 Man gets 17 years for raping man at gunpoint ( Goes all negro in Orangeburg SC) pic

Thu Apr 10

Apr 10 Coons kill an innocent white woman (Guess the race) pic

Apr 10 I aint paying no child support, get your ass out my truck (No Morals) pic

Apr 10 Children charged with 17 burglaries so far (Guess the race in Columbia SC) pic

Apr 10 4 negros shot multiple times (black bodies hit the floor in Columbia ) pic

Apr 10 masturbation addiction leads to arrest (guess the race in Beaufort SC) pic

Apr 10 Dutch Fork High student stabbed to death ( Nigga Why?) pic

Apr 10 Black man fakes being the police an shit (Following their nature) pic

Apr 10 Doped up Nigger kills a man over drugs and money an shit (Following their nature) pic

Apr 10 Man accused of being a self hater and flooding RnR with garbage (Near Charlotte guess the race)

Apr 10 Meth, blacks, and crime (What's the correlation) pic

Apr 10 Minding his own white business (Stealing Campers an shit) pic

Apr 10 Black man faces 8 attempted murder charges an shit (Eugenics at its best) pic

Apr 10 Man goes all negro Rapes 6yr old child (Charleston SC) pic

Apr 10 Stole 50,000 from her 96-year-old grandmother (Guess the race in Columbia SC) pic

Apr 10 Rodney shoots Tyrus and Rayquann (Murder at da club. Sumter SC) pic

Apr 10 1 dead, 1 shot in the face. (Guess the race in Walterboro SC) pic

Apr 10 4 negros shot at North Charleston club (Goes all negro) pic

Apr 10 4 shot, 1 brain dead ( Guess the shade in Bamburg SC) pic

Apr 10 Charleston drug sweep: Goes all negro (30 negros busted) pic

Apr 10 She was only 4 but I fucked her anyway (Guess the race in York SC) pic

Apr 10 DJJ employee stabbed a child in the face (Guess the race in Columbia SC) pic

Apr 10 25 years for rape of a 4yr old (Guess the race in BEAUFORT, S.C.) pic

Apr 10 4 out of 4 murder suspects captured (Damn niggers at it again) pic

Apr 10 Columbia's economic development director fired after embezzlement (Why do blacks do these heinous things) pic

Apr 10 SC woman guilty in breast feeding overdose death (Couldnt dodge the high) pic

Apr 10 Officers Bust Pelion Meth Lab; 8-Year-Old Found There (Black Antics) pic

Apr 10 Blacks are more likely to commit crimes against other blacks (Another viewpoint) pic

Apr 10 White People Don't know Their True Power (Reality) pic

Apr 10 Stand Your Ground clears suspect in fatal Cycle Gear shooting (Where was the troll when this happened) pic

Apr 10 Man charged with murder of mom; body dismembered report says (What A Shame) pic

Apr 10 Three Dead in Negro Shooting (Don't be a Racist) pic

Apr 10 Newberry County Manhunt for 4 Murder Suspects (Hunted down like dogs) pic

Apr 10 9 negros sentenced after pleading guilty ( COLUMBIA, SC ) pic

Apr 10 Can't hold my liquor and it cost a little boy his life (We know the race) pic

Apr 10 Fight leads to gunshots fired at man's head, woman arrested (Blacks and their chimpery) pic

Apr 10 MoJo, You Missed One (Lexington)

Apr 10 Another black baby killed. Wagner SC (Why nigga Why?) pic

Apr 10 Pastor sexually assaulted teen during `private prayer` ( Guess the race in Sumter SC) pic

Apr 10 On trial for killing grandma and baby (Guess the race in Manning SC) pic

Apr 10 2 counts of capital murder and 23 counts of assault (Guess the race from Orangeburg SC) pic

Apr 10 Teen shot multiple times; 5th negro arrested (Six down one dead) pic

Apr 9 We be stealing old ladies life savings an shit (Petty Crime Just $45k) pic

Wed Apr 09

52 Apr 9 heading out in morning any female need a ride 52 (jacksonville)

Apr 9 Man denied bond in rape, robbery (guess the race in Orangeburg SC) pic

Apr 9 Manhunt underway for negros wanted in shooting (Lexington SC) pic

Apr 9 Police find Rock Hill couple 'hot boxing' marijuana in car (They were doing more than weed) pic

Tue Apr 08

Apr 8 Wanted for stealing $1,600 in Newports (Guess the race in Columbia SC) pic

Apr 8 Because (T)its Tuesday (Columbia) pic

Mon Apr 07

Apr 7 Columbia Economic Development Director Arrested (The Saga Continues) pic

Apr 7 Sucking woman's toes at Walmart (Guess the race ) pic

Sun Apr 06

Apr 6 Judge honored for desegregation (The State)

22 Apr 6 Shopper analysis survey for my class 22

53 Apr 6 a different world 53 (There own THAY trashed) pic

Sat Apr 05

Apr 5 Bill pitchfork Tillman (Free Times)

Apr 5 Leonard Pitts the real face of poverty (The State) pic

Fri Apr 04

41 Apr 4 Fraternity Plates. What's the deal? 41 (Only in Columbia)

62 Apr 4 MOJO rising 62 (Erie,pa.)

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