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posted sat sep 20

40 Sep 20 The Renaming Of I-26 Harbison Blvd Exit 40 (Columbia & Surroundings) pic

28 Sep 20 SC Pride Drag Controversy 28 (Columbia)

posted fri sep 19

Sep 19 ROTFL WTF is this???

Sep 19 Sheheen Has nothing good to say please read (SC)

posted thu sep 18

Sep 18 Blacks and guns... (denmark sc)

Sep 18 Lexicon Vet Recruitment Questionable

Sep 18 Help! I am a cat and can't drive to the store for booze. MyDLsuspended (My House, For Now) pic

Sep 18 truth

posted wed sep 17

100 Sep 17 RE: Where is the rage?? 100 (columbia sc)

Sep 17 Bad News For All You Fast Food Employees (Nationwide)

Sep 17 Where is the black rage? Oh how soon we forget pic

Sep 17 Woman beaten and left for dead ( Coonlumbia SC) pic

Sep 17 MOJO) They can take our lives, but they will never take our freedom (THANK GOD!)

posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 Negro says he'll be 'shooting it out' with cops (Dead man walking in Orangeburg SC) pic

18 Sep 16 M4w 18 (Batesburg) pic

Sep 16 Officer charged in Michael Brown killing (Ferguson, Mo) pic

Sep 16 mojo racist brothers are killing State Police maybe he thought (its was black cops it was night time lol) pic

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 Texas Sheriff Issues ISIS Warning About U.S.-Mexico Border (mexican people are laughing about theU.S)

Sep 15 re MOJO pic

Sep 15 MOJO

Sep 15 re: Dating women in this age

posted fri sep 12

Sep 12 re: Sheheen Has nothing good to say please read

Sep 12 Re: people who get offending

posted wed sep 10

Sep 10 Richland County Top Wanted Dead Beat Dads (Guess the race) pic

Sep 10 3 negros shot at Lancaster Waffle House (Negros of the day shot an shit) pic

Sep 10 Ebola death toll, 2,296 negros dead ( 200 today and still counting ) pic

Sep 10 Officer, wife charged with sex crimes against children (Guess the race) pic

Sep 10 Why do SC women have such big EGOS

Sep 10 RE: 5 bodies

Sep 10 Man arrested for firing shots at Columbia apartments (Coonlumbia) pic

Sep 10 Man Down (Just turning his life around) pic

Sep 10 Re: Bodies of 5 Missing Children Found pic

Sep 10 google it 3 THUGS beat and rob a woman in the south bronx

posted tue sep 9

Sep 9 Woman charged in stabbing over pack of cigarettes ( Guess the race in BEAUFORT, SC) pic

Sep 9 RE: If you're gonna post your car for sale

Sep 9 I'm through with men! My Rant

Sep 9 re:buying a car (dipshitville) pic

Sep 9 Shot over 27 cents ( Nignorance in ORANGEBURG, S.C) pic


Sep 9 Ice Bucket Challenge (Distractions for the masses) pic

Sep 9 Interesting Facts About Race and Racism (FYI)

posted mon sep 8

Sep 8 RE Ignorance at it's Best!

Sep 8 Black Men: you have been warned !!! pic

Sep 8 Black woman sets her home on fire (Jigaboo bond fire) pic

Sep 8 Support Hero Officer Jeremy Dear (Go fund me) pic

Sep 8 More than 60% of American are not prepared for retirement (Off to poverty and ass whipping we go) pic

Sep 8 Where's my remote bitch (Niggery at its best) pic

Sep 8 $80000 a year to avoid getting a daily beating (It's coming) pic

Sep 8 Give him the worst punishment ( CHARLESTON SC) pic

Sep 8 A Real American Hero (Protect and Serve) pic

Sep 8 Police arrest 3 men for several burglaries (Guess the race in GEORGETOWN, SC ) pic

Sep 8 RE: I do not hate who you are?????? (Columbia)

Sep 8 Shot 3 times, left to die (Guess the race in AWENDAW, S.C.) pic

Sep 8 2 negros shot only 1 dead ( Coonlumbia SC) pic

Sep 8 Wheelchair-bound man robbed and beaten (Guess the race in Orangeburg SC) pic

Sep 8 I could careless if you burn (lexington sc) pic

Sep 8 I do not hate who you are.I hate what you are doing. (lexington sc) pic

posted sun sep 7

42 Sep 7 Re: what is it with RV people (Gaston) 42 (Red Bank)

Sep 7 Group attackED couple outside missouri bar

Sep 7 Blacks will always be 3rd World Citizens in US pic

posted sat sep 6

Sep 6 what is it with RV people (Gaston) pic

Sep 6 Nicolas Kristol When Whites Just Dont Get it (The State)

posted fri sep 5

42 Sep 5 Re: ROTFL RV Scammers 42 (Wherever you are)

Sep 5 RE Why is Columbia & SC so crap?

Sep 5 Why is Columbia & SC so crap?

Sep 5 ROTFL RV Scammers

Sep 5 11 negro students arrested (Goes all negro at Richland High School ) pic

Sep 5 Mother chopped to fucking pieces with a axe (Guess the race in CONWAY, S.C) pic

56 Sep 5 Here's your minimum wage... 56 (Columbia, West Columbia, Cayce, Irmo) pic

posted thu sep 4

Sep 4 He doesn't respond to any of your nigger posts ("continuesly" get your ass handed to you) pic

Sep 4 Calvin Broadus is a convicted felon (More lies "ass handed to ya again") pic

Sep 4 Famous celebrity cooks with felon (What nerve!) pic

Sep 4 Life better for black professionals outside SC pic

Sep 4 Police seek man who shot his brother (brotherly love an shit) pic

posted wed sep 3

Sep 3 BloJo The Schizo (The saga continues) pic

49 Sep 3 in or out of the closet 49 (dark central, cola) pic

Sep 3 RE: RE: Y'all know mojo is right

Sep 3 Direct tv and WIS (Red Bank)

Sep 3 re Y'all Know Mojo Is Right pic

Sep 3 Y'all Know Mojo Is Right

Sep 3 re: Hotels targeted by negro robbers Labor Day weekend (Charleston SC)

Sep 3 Hotels targeted by negro robbers Labor Day weekend (Charleston SC) pic

Sep 3 Now that you know how to flag................ (CL) pic

posted tue sep 2

Sep 2 The Neighbourhood Bully (Evans) pic

Sep 2 Horry County SC Most Wanted (Goes all negro) pic

posted mon sep 1

Sep 1 A Wonderful Heartfelt Tribute To Blacks Everywhere (Lexington)

52 Sep 1 Posting Flagged and Removed 52 (Cassatt,S.C.) pic

Sep 1 Richland County Top Wanted Dead Beat Dads (Guess the race) pic

Sep 1 Woman accused of molesting young child during church services (Come here suga and pray with me) pic

posted sun aug 31

Aug 31 $170,000 dead beat dad (Them petty crimes an shit) pic

Aug 31 Stupid is as stupid does (Our Friend`)

Aug 31 6 negros arrested for 2 armed robberies (Marlboro County SC) pic

Aug 31 Hate. You want to see Hate? (The truth wont go away) pic

Aug 31 negros open fire on children (ANDERSON, SC) pic

Aug 31 Five negros put away (BEAUFORT SC) pic

Aug 31 Armed robbery suspects looking for "White People" (USC, Columbia SC) pic

Aug 31 University students robbed at gunpoint by 3 negros (COLUMBIA, SC ) pic

Aug 31 Another stop the violence march (Guess the race in SUMTER, SC ) pic

Aug 31 Support Hero Officer Darren Wilson pic

Aug 31 Dear EBOLA: (My dear friend) pic

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